Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Endless Forms Most Beautiful

The Creationism/Evolution argument goes on and on.. It seems to intensify as the evidence of evolution consolidates and so the creationists become more vicious. I started off my blog with the statement that Evolution is a fact and not just a theory so I was pleasantly surprised when I read in a new book just out in 2005, and a paperback 2006 sent to me by Amazon .com. They suggested I buy it and being a sucker sent off my hard earned money. It will be a while before I get through it, as reading is interrupted by naps in front of the fire in the evenings. The book is 'Endless Forms Most Beautiful': The New Science of Evo Devo and the Making of the Animal Kingdom
by Sean B. Carroll.

The paragraph that caught my attention was "The discovery of the ancient genetic tool kit is irrefutable evidence of the descent and modification of animals,including humans,from a simple common ancestor" However if you want others opinions look here as well as here

Sean B . Corroll is professor of genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

If you want to read more on Darwin and Evolution this is a good site


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