Friday, December 01, 2006

Pressure Groups against Tobacco Health Risks,Global Warming and Evolution

Al Gore has used a very good example of how certain groups who oppose a view and sow doubts in peoples minds when all evidence points in a certain direction. When he was young his sister died of lung cancer. He was the son of a tobacco farmer. All evidence showed that tobacco caused many deaths yet the tobacco industry sowed seeds of doubt amongst the population saying that it was not proven and that many scientists disagreed. Of all the scientific papers ever produced, all found tobacco to be a major cause of death and not one paper could be found that refuted these claims yet the industry continued to debunk the claims using massive financial muscle to squash the evidence. Now of course we know the truth but the damage has been done.

He is able to show the same thing is happening with climate change and global warming. Those with most to lose are doing the same thing by debunking all scientific evidence and saying that it is not proved and than many scientists disagree. It is a repeat of the tobacco industries tactics only this time it is the oil industry. There are no scientific papers published that offer any significant counter claims.

This made me take another step where evidence is even greater. For many decades there has been a crusade against science and evolution by creationists and Intelligent Design advocates or creationists in sheep' They say there is disagreement between scientists and that there are scientists that disagree and mention a few but there has never been an acceptable scientific paper that is able to refute evolution.The evidence for evolution is even greater than that for the dangers of smoking and global warming, the latter two based much on statistical evidence,( and I would claim common sense but I would have to be careful with that one otherwise common sense may say there must be a God) while evolution is more on hard evidence of fossils and molicular biology (DNA). The Fundamental Christian groups are financially and politically very powerful and have all to lose if Evolution was generally accepted, as the God of their Bible and Evolution are mutually exclusive.Having said that there are still some scientists like Ken Miller and Francis Collins and many other non-scientists are able to accept Christianity and evolution at the same time and see nothing odd about it.
Lloyd Geering
a New Zealand Theologian calls it 'spiritual schizophrenia'

Somehow there seems to be a link between those that oppose the idea of global warming and those that oppose Evolution,'The Religious Right' as they don't believe that God will let any thing happen to the earth and that he will take care of everything as the earth and all that is here is for our use and our exploitation.


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